Are you embarking on a new business venture and debating domain names? Many people wonder what the difference between domains ending in .com,, .co, .net,, etc are and which one is best for their business. You’re not alone. When I started my first business many moons ago I didn’t have a clue either.

So what type of domain name is the perfect fit for your business?

In a nutshell, it comes down to where your customers are from. If you’re an Australian business selling to Australian customers then a or domain name is for you. Unlike the .com, .net and .co domains, and domain names have stricter regulations which require the owner to have an Australia Business Number (ABN) in order to register the domain. Australian consumers can trust these domains more because the .au extension implies that you’re an Australian business. They also rank higher on Australian search engines such as

If you’re a global business meaning you sell to customers all around the world or have the intention to expand to this level, then a .com .net or the funky .co is the way to go. You should then also consider registering local domain names for each country you want to sell to. For example, if you hope to have customers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK you should register, and as well. Unfortunately, as .com domain names can be registered by businesses all around the world, the ideal domain name for your business might be harder to come by than the local domain name would be.

Wondering where to register your domain name?

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