Logo Design + Branding

Want the fanciest branding in the land that gets your organisation oodles of attention? That’s what I do baby!

I design professional, creative, attention-grabbing logos that are original and can be trademarked.

​I think of your logo as your organisation’s first impression… it’s something you ​want to get right​. I work closely with ​you to create a logo design and visual branding elements that​ represent ​your unique brand in an authentic and professional​ way.

The logo design process

After selecting your chosen Branding Package, we’ll ask you to complete our Visual Brand Brief Form. We will then contact you to clarify the information you provide and schedule in a time to work on your initial logo concepts. We will provide you with up to 4 initial design concepts for you to review and provide feedback on. Once receiving your feedback, we will further develop your chosen concept/s and provide you with amended designs to select your favourite. Two rounds of design amends are included.

What you’ll get

  1. A logo ​you can use at any size—small on a ​website or large on a billboard​
    You’ll receive a huge range of file formats and sizes
  2. You’ll al​ways​ know how to create new artwork ​that​ accurately represent​s​ your brand
    ​You’ll receive a ​Visual Brand Style Guide ​outlining​ your unique fonts​, colours, patterns and more.
  3. You’ll clearly see how your visual elements connect to form a refined & solid brand 
    You’ll receive an example PDF template making use of your visual branding elements.
  4. ​Your brand will look the part on social media
    You’ll receive a​ square version of your logo to use as your social media profile photo.
  5. You’ll be ready to brand just about anything!
    You’ll receive a small logo submark​​ ​to use as a branded badge or icon.

Keen as mustard to get started?