Health & Wellness Professionals

You’re helping people become their best and healthiest selves. We want to help you reach more people and change even more lives.

Let’s build it up buttercup!

Over the years we’ve worked with heaps of passionate peeps in the health & wellness industry and I have to say they’ve been some of the most rewarding projects to work on.

Our clients have spanned a broad range of health professions from physios to naturopaths to doctors to osteopaths to PTs. However, one thing they all have in common is they find our professionalism as well as our efficiency and quality of work unbeatable and continue to load us up with new and exciting projects year after year.

You’re in the business of making people feel better and in turn you’re making this world a better place one consult at a time. If you haven’t worked it out already, we’re all about the peace and love here at Hola, so partnering with businesses like yours really floats our boat.

Whether you’re a startup or have an established business we have a range of services and packages that will cater for your business needs and budget.

If you’re an established business you hopefully already have your own logo, branding and a business image you’d like to continue to reinforce. We can start where your previous designer left off, using your existing branding to create a strong and consistent business image.

However, if your logo and branding isn’t something you’re super proud of, we can work together to modernise and enliven your brand.

It has been a delight to work with Emma. She is professional, has a fine eye for aesthetic nuances and tech details. The entire process was seamless and I’m overjoyed with my new logo and my website feels more elegant and in much better shape. Highly recommend! — Clara Bitcon | Mediatrix Women’s Wellness

If you think Hola might be a good fit to help take your biz to the next level, then we’d love to here from you! Click here to shoot us an email and let’s get chatting.

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