So you’re a tradie looking to build a new website or have a website that just isn’t cutting the mustard?

It’s all good having a hot website but if it’s not bringing you customers then what’s the point?

All Height Services website design
Gold Coast tradie website designed and built by Hola

Here are the 2 big factors specifically important for tradies to ensure your website works for you…

  1. Your website MUST be mobile-friendly
  2. People can Google your trade and location and find you quickly

Ensuring you’ve nailed these 2 things means your website will out-perform the majority of your competitors and bring you business. So make sure you ask your web designer to make your website mobile and tablet-friendly and also if they offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with a rankings guarantee.

A Happy Client with a website that WORKS…

“Investing in SEO has been the best marketing decision I’ve made. Within about 4 months of working with Hola! targeting keywords like ‘roofer gold coast’ I was ranking in the top 3 on Google. Now sitting at #1, business is booming. Hola! don’t just talk the talk, they get results!” – Lee Meehan, Lee Meehan Roofing

Wanna know more? Here’s some more info on Hola! SEO services or get in touch today!