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It has been a delight to work with Emma. She is professional, has a fine eye for aesthetic nuances and tech details. The entire process was seamless and I’m overjoyed with my new logo and my website feels more elegant and in much better shape. Highly recommended!

Clara Bitcon

Naturopath, Mediatrix Wellness

Emma is by far the most professional, reliable and caring designer I have ever come across. I see myself using her for the rest of time. She is so pleasant and happy to accommodate our needs. She goes above and beyond to ensure our charity is on track. Any idea how we can clone her?

Jacqui Boyett

Global Ripple

Emma is the BEST web designer, graphic designer and overall tech genius I’ve ever met, and had the pleasure to work with. I’m so thrilled to have found her and I’ll NEVER EVER work with anyone else. She listens, is very patient and understands what I need before I even ask. Love this lady so much! She makes online and print design work a breeze.

Jude McColm

Tweed Coast Plan Management

Emma and her team at Hola captured the essence and beauty of my business so perfectly with my logo, branding and website. I was able to communicate and express what I wanted with ease and it was taken and used to create my stunning brand! Fast, efficient, detail orientated, fun, feminine, technically advanced, you name it! Since my website launched I have been able to scale my business, attract my dream clients and create so much more forward momentum with my business. I highly recommend Hola for all of your website needs.

Alana Arvanitis

The Self-Love Movement