Do you keep getting prompts to perform website updates?

Perhaps you see a warning that a plugin is out of date or a notice to update WordPress to the latest version.

If you find this a bit confusing and you’re unsure of where to start then you’re not alone.

This post explains why updating your website is so important, why your plugins need to be updated, how your web developer can help and what website maintenance packages are.

Girl on macbook making WordPress website updates
WordPress website updates are necessary to ensure your website isn’t left vulnerable to hacking attempts, glitchy or slow to load.

Why is performing WordPress website updates important?

Updating your WordPress website will protect against most security hacks and website bugs and will also ensure your website is using the most up-to-date versions of themes and plugins so it remains ahead of the game, secure and performing as best as it can.

Why do website plugins need to be updated?

WordPress updates available warning
WordPress websites need to be updated regularly to patch any vulnerabilities.

Plugins are added features on your website, such as contact forms, image slideshows, SEO plugins, performance plugins, etc. Every now and then the plugin creators release updates that fix vulnerability or performance issues. Updating these plugins as soon as possible reduces the chances of your website being hacked, loading slowly or not functioning as it should.

How can your web developer help?

Most web design companies offer website maintenance package to their clients. At Hola we have a few different packages to suit varying client needs. We can update your website on a regular basis (either monthly or quarterly) or ad hoc. We recommend a quarterly or ad hoc package for clients who don’t add content to their website very regularly, don’t collect sensitive information, and who don’t have an eCommerce facility on their website.

What is included in a website maintenance maintenance package?

Website maintenance package inclusions vary somewhat between different web development companies, however the types of things you can expect are:

  • Website backups
  • Securing scanning
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Database & post optimisation to make your website run faster
  • PageSpeed testing
  • Plugin, theme & WordPress updates
  • Free or discounted restore of your website backup if/when required
  • A detailed report of works completed & how your website is tracking

Hola proudly includes all these services in our WordPress website maintenance packages.

How much does a website maintenance package cost?

Again, website maintenance prices can vary greatly depending on the web development company you choose. WordPress is an open source platform, meaning there are literally thousands of web development companies who can assist with the upkeep of your WordPress website. So you have a lot of awesome WordPress peeps like us to choose from.

At Hola, our prices start from $99 ad hoc or per quarter for quarterly packages, and $88 per month for monthly packages.

Want to see how we can help with your website maintenance? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today!